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Accreditation Timeline and Related Documents

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Accreditation Evidence - October 15, 2009

  • Evidence No. 1 June 30, 2009 Letter from the ACCJC
  • Evidence No. 2 Inventory of Active Course Outlines with Curriculum Committee Approval
  • Evidence No. 3 Curriculum ?stoplight? Database
  • Evidence No. 4 Assessment Training Documents from Dr. Fred Trapp
  • Evidence No. 5 AA Liberal Arts Degree Student Learning Outcomes; Academic Senate Documents Related to General Education Student Learning Outcomes
  • Evidence No. 6 Assessment Templates for Course Sections and Departments; Directions for Assessment Forms; Sample Course Section and Department Forms
  • Evidence No. 7 Spring 2009 Assessment Team Report
  • Evidence No. 8 DSPS Summaries for Eureka and Mendocino Campuses
  • Evidence No. 9 20-point Self-Study Assessment of Enrollment Management; Enrollment Management Plan 2009-2012; Student Services 2009 Special Programs Annual Planning Update
  • Evidence No. 10 April 2009 Program Review Workshop Minutes
  • Evidence No. 11 Sample Populated 2009-2010 Program Review Forms (Annual, Comprehensive) for Academic Programs (Art, Early Childhood Education, Anthropology/ NAS/ Sociology) and Student Services
  • Evidence No. 12 Integrated Planning Timeline; Integrated Planning Flow Chart Draft; BP No. 122 and AR No. 122.01
  • Evidence No. 13 Fall 2009 Area Coordinator MOU; List of 2009-2010 Area Coordinators
  • Evidence No. 14 July, 2009 State-Wide Academic Training Conference Training
  • Evidence No. 15 CR Associate Faculty Orientation SLO Presentation
  • Evidence No. 16 2009 Program Review Committee Summary for the Academic Senate
  • Evidence No. 17 PRC Calendar for Fall 2009; PRC/ CPC Calendar
  • Evidence No. 18 Minutes from Program Review Committee Meetings
  • Evidence No. 19 Assessment Portion of Biology Program Review
  • Evidence No. 20 Selected Samples of Institutional Research Data
  • Evidence No. 21 Basic Skills Initiative 2008-2009 End of Year Report; The State of Basic Skills at College of the Redwoods as of June 2009
  • Evidence No. 22 ESOL Program Narrative; ESOL Scope of Work; Reports from ESOL Consultants
  • Evidence No. 23 2008-2009 Administrative Organization Chart
  • Evidence No. 24 Senate Letter to ACCJC on April 9, 2009; April 2009 Senate Brief
  • Evidence No. 25 President?s April 9, 2009 Response to Senate Letter to ACCJC
  • Evidence No. 26 Comparison of Learning Management Systems; Distance Education Program Review, DE Work Group Summary
  • Evidence No. 27 Schedule of MyCR Training Sessions
  • Evidence No. 28 Organizational Charts for 2009/10 (9/30/09 versions)
  • Evidence No. 29 Calendar of Administrative Training Sessions
  • Evidence No. 30 Request for Actions from State Academic Senate to support the College?s efforts to clarify roles and codify them in revised board policies and administrative procedures; 9/28-9/29 League Senate Training Packet; E-mail Announcement of CCLC/ Academic Senate Technical Assistance; Agenda for CCLC/ASCCC Technical Assistance
  • Evidence No. 31 Board Policies and Administrative Procedures Related to Decision-Making and Responsibilities (BP/AP 2510, AP 2511, AP2512, BP203)
  • Evidence No. 32 Minutes of September 14, 2009 Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Evidence No. 33 Board of Trustees President George Truett?s Convocation Address
  • Evidence No. 34 Dr. Marsee?s Talking Points for Fall 2009 Convocation Address
  • Evidence No. 35 Convocation Questions and Answers
  • Evidence No. 36 Senate Brief for September 2009
  • Evidence No. 37 E-mail Announcement of President?s Hour (Open Door Time); President?s Newsletters
  • Evidence No. 38 Senate Brief for October 2009; Senate Agendas Including Discussion of Accreditation Response Draft
  • Evidence No. 39 Fall 2009 Associate Faculty Evaluation MOU