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Spring 2015

Introducing Yourself to the Social Network (037654)

Date:                February 11, 18th, and 25th

Days:               Wednesdays

Time:                1:00-4:00pm

Fee:                  $65

Location:          525 D Street Eureka, Computer Lab Rm. 105

Instructor:        Kim Moore

Ashort computer course concentrating on learning a safe way to navigate through the internet while staying connected with family and friends.


Archaeomythology (037801)
Date:                Saturday January 31, 2015
Time:               10 am-4 pm
Fee:                 $50.00
Garberville Instructional Site 286 Sprowl Creek Rd. Room 106

Instructor:        Gillian Brown

Archaeomythology is the study if Archaeology and linking it to mythology of the culture. Students will look at some if the ancient sites of Northern Europe, including the Neolithic, Norse and Celtic. The class will view slides and will participate in discussion on the impact archaeology has had on unraveling the myths of some of our ancestors.


Creative Writing (037885)creative writing teacher picture
Dates:                March 3rd – May 5th
Days:                 Tuesdays

Time:                 5:30-8:00pm

Fee:                   $80
Garberville Instructional Site 286 Sprowl Creek Rd. Room 106
Instructor:          Stewart Kirby

This community education course is open to all levels of writing and will focus on developing story-writing muscles by jumping in and getting started. The closest thing to a textbook will be the second half of Stephen King's ON WRITING, the gist of which being: Write a few pages every day, setting aside consistent time

and space to enter that form of self-hypnosis which allows the writer to record

characters attempting to resolve conflict.

A link to the instructor's blog: http://stewartkirby.blogspot.com/2015/01/sign-up-begins.html


Wildlife Tracks and Signs: Animals Don’t Cover Their Tracks (037577)

Date:                 Apr 18- Apr 26, 2015

Days:                Saturdays and Sundays

Time:                10am - 4pm

Fee:                  $80

Location:           Garberville Instructional Site 286 Sprowl Creek Rd. Room 106

Instructor:          Kim Cabrera

Animals leave a variety of tracks and signs of their presence. Recognizing these clues can be difficult. This course gives you the tools you need to identify the tracks and signs of local wildlife. You will learn not only the tracks, but the common gaits and movement patterns, which will help you identify obscure trails. Student will spend time in the classroom and in the field.





Studio Band (037630)
Date:              January 17th through May 15th
Days:             Tuesdays
Time:             6:30-9:40pm
Fee:               $149.00
Location:       CR Main Campus Creative Arts Building Rm. 107
Instructor:      William M. Allison

The study and performance of nineteenth and twentieth-century concert band literature. Course addresses rehearsal techniques, development of sight-reading and public performance skills, and historical background of the concert band repertoire.


Wind Ensemble (037629)
Date:               January 21st through May 13th
Days:              Wednesdays
Time:              7:00-10:10pm
Fee:                $149.00
Location:         CR Main Campus Creative Arts Building Rm. 107
Instructor:        Brian A. Newkirk

An advanced-level performing ensemble that focuses on modern progressive jazz and jazz-rock fusion. Course addresses development of sight reading, public performance, and improvisation skills.


Oratorio Choir (037628)
Date:               January 17th through May 15th
Days:              Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time:              11:40am-1:05pm
Fee:                $149.00
Location:        CR Main Campus Creative Arts Building Rm. 109
Instructor:       Carol Ryder

The study and performance of oratorio literature and other literature for large chorus. Course addresses vocal techniques, development of sight reading skills, and historical background.




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