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Tutorials and Guides

The MyCR tutorials page offers tutorials and resources for MyCR and other online teaching tools. Visit the Canvas Support Site for help, documentation and training videos. The Canvas Instructor Guide offers detailed documentation for using Canvas.  

Captioning and Transcription

Captioning and Transcription for your distance education class material is available through the DECT grant. Please contact the Distance Education department to discuss your project so the best workflow for captioning/transcribing your materials can be determined.

DE-Related Documents

AP 4105 - Distance Education

Regular Effective Contact Policy

DE Course Proposal (Curriculum Committee)

Schedule F-2 DE (online faculty evaluation form)

Student Proctor Agreement Form

Instructor's Class Orientation Letter (PDF)

Retention Enhancement in Online Classes(PDF)

Retention Enhancement in Online Classes(ppt)

Exam Proctor Flow Chart


September 19, 2014

October 15, 2014

November 4, 2014

CAG recommendation to adopt Canvas -final

A-Canvas survey summary - faculty in pilot-Sep 23-Oct 2 2014

B-Canvas survey summary - students in pilot-Sep 23-Oct 2 2014

 DE- Training and Support

Faculty Certification Standards (MOU)

Faculty shall meet any of the following three criteria prior to teaching an online course for College of the Redwoods:

1.Complete College of the Redwoods Online Teaching and Learning Training sponsored by the DE Committee in consultation with the Academic Senate.

2.Certificate of Completion in Online Teaching from an accredited college or university, such as UCLA online Teaching Program, Cerro Coso Online Educators Certificate Program, or @One Teaching Certification Program.

3.Demonstrate prior successful experience in teaching online course(s) with a copy of a Faculty Evaluation Report (A-5/AF-5) or equivalent that includes one or more online sections.

As Faculty Evaluation Reports for online instructors may not be available for current online faculty, all current and past online College of the Redwoods faculty shall be provisionally certified to teach online until their next regularly scheduled evaluation. Full certification would occur after meeting [one of] the above criteria.

Online Teaching and Learning Training

Two 4-week online short-courses are offered Spring 2015 beginning Feb 2 and March 23. This training will be available again Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. Contact Mark Winter for more information.

Canvas Resources and Training Schedule


For questions about DE at CR, please contact :

Mark Renner - Director, Distance Education

LRC, Room 110C | College of the Redwoods Distance Education

Phone: 707-476-4225 | Email:  Mark-Renner@Redwoods.edu


Mark Winter - Faculty Coordinator, Distance Education

LRC, Room L107 | College of the Redwoods Distance Education

Phone: 707-476-4310 | Email: Mark-Winter@Redwoods.edu

Reno Giovannetti, Instructional Technologist
LRC, Room L107 | College of the Redwoods
Phone: 707-476-4568 | Email: Reno-Giovannetti@Redwoods.edu