College of the
Writing Center

What will I do at the Writing Center?

Leslie Leach, Manager  - 476-4586

You should consult your semester assignment schedule and your instructor.  However, here is a list of additional possibilities:
  • Conference with an instructor or a peer tutor
  • Have an instructor help you with writing problems or evaluate your paper's draft
  • Brainstorm ideas for a paper with an instructor or a peer tutor
  • Complete referrals on your work (when your instructor has referred you to the Writing Center to work on a particular skill or problem)
  • Get help understanding an assignment
  • Get help with grammar
  • Complete pre-writes
  • Do your English homework, including correcting grammar
  • Write and revise papers on our computers
  • Do your reading journal entries
  • Study for or review tests with an instructor
  • Prepare for the end-of-semester competency essay
  • Form a study group or pair off and work collaboratively
  • Get feedback on a paper from a fellow student
  • Read the book-of-the-year or other assigned reading
  • Do research on the Internet