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Foster / Kinship Care Education Curriculum

Active Parenting Today

Active Parenting Today by Michael Popkin is a parent education model for the 2-12 year old. Learn how to develop courage, responsibility, and self- esteem in your children along with learning positive discipline techniques to help avoid power struggles.

Common Sense Parenting

A Boy's Town Model. A step-by-step guide to raising responsible kids and building happy families. In this course, parents are taught skills that help them encourage positive behavior, discourage negative behavior, and teach alternatives to problem behavior. In each class, time will be given to trouble shoot problem behaviors currently being experienced in the home.

Developing Capable Young People

Developing Capable Young People is a phenomenal parenting series created and developed by H. Stephen Glenn. The premise of this parenting approach is to work with a child's perception of themselves and the world. Giving children the message: You are SIGNIFICANT, You are CAPABLE, You have INFLUENCE and You are needed truly can change a child's life for the better! Come learn how to apply this model of parenting and influence in your own life as well!

Helping Children Heal  * Developed by Ronda Evans

Topics from a wide range of areas will be covered to help parents better understand and help children in out of home care. Specific topics will include; understanding trauma and attachment, The stress Model, Specific approaches to scary behaviors, Navigating the school system, A creative narrative through the use of Lifebooks. Many well known resources and names in attachment parenting will be utilized in the course of this series. Videos from Dr. Bryan Post, Dr. Vera Fahlberg, and Dr. Rick Delaney will lend to the topic of Helping Children Heal.

In Search of Character

In search of character will spotlight the ten core virtues that help our children develop into caring, respectful, responsible people who make choices based on what is right, rather than what is easy. this series will be supported with great video segments that share thoughtful, lively and revealing discussions with high school students around the country. Inspiring profiles of young people who exemplify the power of good character in the real world will help support a model of change that we can lead our children to be a part of.

Prudent Parenting 

Prudent Parenting requires the foster parent/caregiver to use reasonable and prudent parent standards. The standard characterized by careful and sensible parental decisions to maintain the child’s health, safety and best interests. This allows children to feel respected and have some sense of normalcy amongst other youth their age.


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