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Foster & Kinship Care Education Program

My Back Pack Project

Every day in Del Norte County a child who is deemed at risk for abuse and neglect is detained by law enforcement. For these children this experience is traumatic on many levels. From seeing their family torn apart to having to leave their home and possessions and go with a social worker to another home, sometimes in the middle of the night. Many of these children have only the clothes on their back.

abies arrive with nothing more than a dirty diaper. Here at CASA our mission is to relieve some of their burden and provide them with items of comfort for them during this difficult and painful process. At the ?back pack station?, at the department of Health and Humans Services, children can choose a filled backpack which is theirs to keep along with any item of new clothing they may need. We provide sweat suits, socks, underwear, baby sleepers, slippers, diaper bags, infant kits, personal hygiene kits and other items as needed. It is extremely heartwarming to see the faces of these little ones light up when they receive a backpack of their very own, and to be able to provide them with clean clothing and a snack that promotes some sense of emotional well-being as they work with social workers at the Department.

Back Project