Del Norte Endowment


Endowment Board Members

Rick Bennett

Becky Blatnick

Dan Brattain

Billy Hartwick

Kevin Hartwick

Richard Kirkland

Tamra Kunstal

Dottie Linville

Maureen Lynch

Carol Mathews

Marilyn Mullem, Esq.

Monica Sperling

Mari Tardiff

Irene Tynes

Beverly Westbrook

Doris Whalen

Carol Mathews,
Interim Campus Dean

Ahn Fielding,
Foundation Liaison


In September 1994, the College of the Redwood, Del Norte Endowment Board, consisting of a cross section of community members, was formed at the Del Norte campus.  The Endowment Board is authorized by the Board of Directors of the College of the Redwoods Foundation to plan, organize and implement the charitable fund-raising activities within the area of Del Norte County for the benefit of the Del Norte campus as provided for by the laws governing the conduct of foundation affairs. The Endowment Board is further authorized to distribute these funds to such endowments, grants, scholarships, educational programs, capital projects or other worthy purposes as the Endowment Board shall establish subject to periodic review by the Foundation.   In 1999, the Board established a goal of raising $100,000 over the next ten years for an endowed scholarship fund; awards will be made from the fund's income, thereby ensuring monies for ongoing yearly scholarships.  The primary method of fund raising has been an annual art auction and dinner. Through the generous support of corporate sponsors, local businesses and individuals, this event has been extremely successful. The Endowed Scholarship Fund is close to the goal.  In addition to building the fund, the Endowment Board was able to grant $2500 in scholarships in 2000 and 2001. In 2002, $5000 was awarded to outstanding students. $8250 was awarded in 2003.

I am greatly motivated and encouraged to strive for further academic excellence as the result of receiving an Endowment Board Scholarship. This support has enabled me to continue to pursue my goal of obtaining a teaching credential." - Anna Tellechea

"This scholarship has given me the finances and confidence I need to continue aiming high and dreaming big! -Daphne Cortese


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Contact:    Becky Blatnick, President