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Welcome to the College of the Redwoods Professional Development Program. 

The Professional Development Program is overseen by the Professional Development Committee, which is chaired by the Director of Human Resources.  Use the links on the navigation menu to access professional development-related pages on CR?s internal website.

Operating Statement: In support of the college’s mission and Objective 1.6 of the College of the Redwoods Strategic Plan (Support staff and faculty development and instructional innovation), the Professional Development Committee provides a comprehensive professional development program to include assessment of needs, planning and evaluation of activities. 

The committee meets monthly to coordinate planning, scheduling, needs and process assessment activities and to ensure that proposed activities are linked to the college mission and goals.  The committee is chaired by the Human Resource Director and is comprised of representatives from each of the campus committees/groups involved in professional development activities, including: flex Committee, Faculty Professional Development Committee (Academic Senate), Distance Education, Associate Faculty, Community Education, and classified employee training programs.  The committee also includes consideration of activities through the Veterans Affairs Program, Disabled Students Programs & Services, and the Multicultural and Diversity Committee.

Members: Trish Blair, Connie Carlson, Teresa Daigneault, Ahn Fielding, Johanna Helzer, Rory Johnson, Crystal Morse, Julia Peterson, Pru Ratliff, Mark Renner


                           Professional Development Committee Annual Activities


9/17/12-4/15/13 Professional Development Series for Classified Staff (flyer)
9/26/12 - 11/28/12 Professional Development Series for Faculty (flyer)
2/7/13    Training Needs Surveys sent to constituent groups
3/01/13 - 4/25/14 Professional Development Series for Managers andAdministrators (flyer)
4/10/13 PDC Meeting: Annual review of professional development activities and draft outline of 2013- 14 training activities at PDC meeting
Fall 2013 Professional Development Committee 2012-13 Committee Self-Evaluation
  (click here to see 2012-2013 Committee Self-Evaluation)
  (click here to see 2011-12 Committee Self-Evaluation)
  Faculty Surveys March 2013
  Classified Surveys March 2013
  Admin/Managers Surveys March 2013
  Assoc Faculty Surveys March 2013
  Faculty Surveys May 2012
  Classified Surveys May 2012
  Admin/Managers Surveys May 2012
  Faculty Surveys September 2011
  Classified Surveys September 2011
  Admin/Managers Surveys September 2011
Fall 2013 Review of Annual Training Matrix (Click here to see 2012-2013 Training Matrix)
Annual Report PDC Annual Report 2013-2014

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