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Spring 2014

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Course/SectionSynonymTitleCreditsInstructorDaysTimesRoomStart-End Dates
ADCT-15-D5358035358Intro to Counseling Skills3.0G WestbrookTTH 5:00PM- 7:25PMDN2
AJ-1-D5576035576Intro to Admin of Justice3.0R LosaccoT 6:50PM-10:00PMDM36
AJ-52-D5575035575Crrctnl Intrvwing & Counslng3.0L ReymanTH 6:50PM-10:00PMDM36
ANTH-3-D5465035465Cultural Anthropology3.0R HunterT 6:50PM-10:00PMDM23
ART-10-D5493035493Color & Design3.0S BroderickTTH12:20PM- 3:30PMDS1
Purchase of art supplies for this course is required. No textbook is required is required for this course.
ART-17-D5491035491Basic Drawing3.0S BroderickMW 8:30AM-11:40AMDS1
Purchase of art supplies for this course is required. No textbook is required is required for this course.
BIOL-1-D5470035470General Biology4.0R MizeTTH10:05AM-11:30AMDM29
T12:30PM- 3:40PMDM26
BIOL-1-D5471035471General Biology4.0R MizeTTH10:05AM-11:30AMDM29
TH12:30PM- 3:40PMDM26
BIOL-20-D5468035468Natural History4.0H FalenskiMW12:30PM- 1:55PMDM29
F12:30PM- 3:40PMDM26
CE-41-D6561036561Gen Coop Ed Work Experience1.0S WilsonDHR 03/13/14-05/16/14
75 hours required.
CE-42-D5730035730Occ Coop Ed Work Experience3.0A CsutorasDHR
225 contact hours required.
CE-42-D6403036403Occ Coop Ed Work Experience1.0S WilsonDHR 02/27/14-05/16/14
75 hours required.
CIS-100-D5496035496Basic Computer Skills3.0K OlesenMW 5:30PM- 8:00PMDC1
CIS-98-D5494035494PC Computer Repair & Maint4.0J RennerTTH 5:30PM- 8:40PMDS1
ECE-10-D5466035466Field Experience in ECE3.0P FreneauW 6:00PM- 7:05PMDM23
This class requires an additional 108 contact hours to complete the course.
This class requires an additional 108 contact hours to complete the course.
ECE-14-D5467035467Care & Early Intervention3.0A CsutorasTH 6:00PM- 9:10PMDM23
ECE-18-D5461035461Teaching in a Diverse Society3.0P FreneauM 6:00PM- 9:10PMDM23
ENGL-150-D5450035450Precollegiate Reading/Writing3.5J BayonTTH12:30PM- 1:55PMDM36
T 2:05PM- 3:30PMDM2
ENGL-150-D5483035483Precollegiate Reading/Writing3.5J BayonMW 8:30AM- 9:55AMDM34
ENGL-150-D5561035561Precollegiate Reading/Writing3.5T ComptonMW 3:40PM- 5:05PMDM34
M 5:15PM- 6:40PMDM2
ENGL-1A-D5489035489Analytical Reading & Writing4.0K LetkoTTH11:35AM- 1:40PMDM34
ENGL-1A-D5490035490Analytical Reading & Writing4.0K LetkoTTH 5:15PM- 7:20PMDM34
ENGL-1A-D5528035528Analytical Reading & Writing4.0K LetkoTTH 2:05PM- 4:10PMDM34
ENGL-1B-D5486035486Critical Inquiry & Literature3.0K LetkoMW 5:15PM- 6:40PMDM34
ENGL-32-D5485035485Creative Writing: Poetry3.0K LetkoMW 2:05PM- 3:30PMDM34
ENGL-32-D6734036734Creative Writing:poetry-Honors3.0K LetkoMW 2:05PM- 3:30PMDM34
ENGL-350-D5464035464Reading & Writing Skills6.0C HeltonMTWTH 5:25PM- 6:40PMDM36
MWTH 6:50PM- 8:00PMDM2
ENGL-350-D5484035484Reading & Writing Skills6.0D GerthMTWTH10:15AM-11:30AMDM34
GEOL-1-D5460035460Physical Geology4.0J RennerM12:30PM- 3:40PMDM23
W12:30PM- 3:40PMDM26
GS-6-D5488035488First Year Experience3.0D GerthTTH 8:30AM- 9:55AMDM34
GS-6-D5599035599First Year Experience3.0S RoyTTH 3:40PM- 5:05PMDM36
GUID-143-D5500035500Individual Assessment/Planning0.5D McArthurDHR
18 hours required.
GUID-145-D5501035501Applied Study Skills & Strateg1.0D McArthurDHR
72 hours required.
GUID-145-D5502035502Applied Study Skills & Strateg2.0D McArthurDHR
72 hours required.
GUID-146-D5498035498App. Study Skills/Strat. ENGL1.0D McArthurDHR
36 hours required.
GUID-146-D5499035499App. Study Skills/Strat. ENGL2.0D McArthurDHR
72 hours required.
GUID-147-D5503035503App. Study Skills Math1.0D McArthurDHR
36 hours required.
GUID-147-D5626035626App. Study Skills Math2.0D McArthurDHR
72 hours required.
GUID-148-D5504035504App. Study Skills Science1.0D McArthurDHR
36 hours required.
GUID-148-D5627035627App. Study Skills Science2.0D McArthurDHR
72 hours required.
GUID-8-D5581035581Career Planning2.0C CuevasW 5:15PM- 8:35PMDN202/12/14-04/23/14
This is a late start, short term class 02/12-04/23/14.
HIST-9-D5476035476US History Reconstr - Present3.0T OwenTH 6:50PM-10:00PMDM29
LVN-110B-D5398035398Pharmacology - Vocat Nurs II2.0M PopeT 8:00AM-10:05AMDN2
LVN-118-D5407035407Psychology - LVN2.0M PopeTH 8:00AM-10:05AMDN2
LVN-122-D5404035404Nurs of Adults & Children II13.0M PopeTTH12:30PM- 4:00PMDN2
WF 6:30AM- 4:05PMOCTBA
LVN-122-D5405035405Nurs of Adults & Children II13.0M PopeTTH12:30PM- 4:00PMDN2
WF 2:30PM-11:55PMOCTBA
MATH-120-D5457035457Intermediate Algebra4.0J HaleyMTWTH 3:40PM- 4:45PMDM15
Graphing calculator required, TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.
MATH-120-D5458035458Intermediate Algebra4.0J HaleyMW 5:30PM- 7:35PMDM15
Graphing calculator required, TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.
MATH-15-D5455035455Elementary Statistics4.0J HaleyMTWTH12:30PM- 1:35PMDM15
Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator required.
MATH-376-D5409035409Pre-Algebra4.0S GoldMW12:30PM- 2:35PMDM36
Scientific calculator required.
MATH-376-D5454035454Pre-Algebra4.0H FalenskiMWF 9:00AM-10:20AMDM15
Scientific calculator required.
MATH-380-D5408035408Elementary Algebra5.0S GoldMW 9:30AM-12:05PMDM36
Graphing calculator required, TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.
MATH-380-D5456035456Elementary Algebra5.0J HaleyMTWTH 2:00PM- 3:15PMDM15
Graphing calculator required, TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.
NAS-1-D5477035477Intro to Native Amer Studies3.0R HunterW 6:50PM-10:00PMDM29
PHIL-1-D5448035448Critical Thinking3.0P FreneauMW 3:40PM- 5:05PMDM29
PHIL-15-D5463035463Religions of the World3.0P FreneauTTH12:30PM- 1:55PMDM23
POLSC-10-D5475035475US Government and Politics3.0T OwenT 6:50PM-10:00PMDM29
PSYCH-1-D5469035469General Psychology3.0P MancusMW 5:15PM- 6:40PMDM29
PSYCH-33-D5462035462Personal Growth & Adjustment3.0P FreneauTTH10:05AM-11:30AMDM23
SNLAN-1B-D5492035492Elementary ASL II4.0K ImfeldMW 4:35PM- 6:40PMDS1
SOC-1-D5474035474Intro to Sociology3.0P MancusTTH 5:15PM- 6:40PMDM29
SOC-5-D5472035472Intro to Race & Ethnic Relat3.0P MancusTTH 2:00PM- 3:25PMDM29
SPCH-1-D5473035473Public Speaking3.0R ReelTTH 3:40PM- 5:05PMDM29
SPCH-7-D5459035459Interpersonal Communication3.0R ReelTTH 5:15PM- 6:40PMDM15