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Klamath Trinity Branch Campus
Spring 2014

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Course/SectionSynonymTitleCreditsInstructorDaysTimesRoomStart-End Dates
ART-2-K5532035532Intro to Art3.0W BriggsTTH10:30AM- 1:40PMTAC1
Additional fee: $20 plus the purchase of additional art supplies. No textbook is required for this course.
BUS-18-K5533035533Business Law4.0C MarshallTTH10:30AM-12:35PMHTECRM 302/20/14-05/15/14
BUS-4-K5534035534Adv Computerized Bookkeeping3.0S BurbankMW 2:45PM- 5:15PMHTECCOMP LAB
CIS-100-K5535035535Basic Computer Skills3.0J PetersonMW 5:30PM- 8:00PMHTECCOMP LAB
ECE-5-K5536035536The Child in the Family & Com3.0C TitusS 9:00AM- 3:00PMHTECRM 303/01/14-05/10/14
This is a late start, short term class that meets all day on Saturdays, beginning 03/01/14 - 05/10/14.
ECE-7-K5537035537Intro to Early Childhood Curr3.0B ShortW 6:00PM- 8:05PMHTECRM 1
54 additional contact hours of field experience, at an approved site, are required.
54 additional contact hours of field experience, at an approved site, are required.
EDUC-225-K6538036538GED Preparation0.0E LeachDHR HTECCOMP LAB03/18/14-04/04/14
18 total hours required to complete this course. Tues, Thurs & Friday 03:00pm-05:00pm drop in lab hours.
EDUC-225-K6539036539GED Preparation0.0E LeachDHR HTECCOMP LAB04/08/14-04/25/14
18 total hours required to complete this course. Tues, Thurs & Friday 03:00pm-05:00pm drop in lab hours.
EDUC-225-K6632036632GED Preparation0.0E LeachTTHF 3:00PM- 5:00PMHTECCOMP LAB04/29/14-05/15/14
ENGL-1A-K5539035539Analytical Reading & Writing4.0J GonzalezMW 2:00PM- 4:05PMHTECRM 1
ENGL-1B-K5540035540Critical Inquiry & Literature3.0J GonzalezMW12:15PM- 1:40PMHTECRM 3
ENGL-350-K5541035541Reading & Writing Skills6.0T ComptonMWF10:30AM-12:05PMHTECRM 3
ENGL-52-K5542035542English Lab Practicum1.0J GonzalezMW10:30AM-11:55AMHTECCOMP LAB
54 hours are required to complete this course.
ENVSC-12-K5543035543Earth's Changing Climate3.0R RohdeTTH 9:00AM-10:25AMHTECRM 1
FNR-5-K5544035544Forest Ecology Mgmt3.0M BestTTH12:40PM- 3:10PMHTECRM 3
FNR-67-K5545035545Intro to GPS1.0M BestTTH10:45AM-11:50AMHTECCOMP LAB
GS-1-K5546035546College Success3.0E LeachMW 9:00AM-10:25AMHTECRM 1
HE-1-K5547035547Health Education3.0S DiemerMW 2:45PM- 4:10PMHTECRM 3
HIST-9-K5548035548US History Reconstr - Present3.0P GeckF 1:30PM- 4:40PMHTECRM 1
MATH-120L-K5559035559Math Lab for Intermed Algebra0.5D AmmonTTH 3:15PM- 4:05PMHTECRM 1
22.5 hours are required for this course.
MATH-194-K5549035549Int Alg for Soc Sci, Business4.0D AmmonTTH 4:15PM- 6:20PMHTECRM 1
MATH-380-K5550035550Elementary Algebra5.0D AmmonTTH 6:55PM- 9:25PMHTECRM 3
Graphing calculator required, TI-83 or TI-84 recommended. For textbook information, see: http://msenux.redwoods.edu/mathdept/courses/math380.php. Concurrent enrollment in MATH380L Math Lab is strongly recommended.
MATH-380L-K5551035551Math Lab for Elem Algebra0.5D AmmonDHR HTECRM 1
27 hours are required to complete this course.
NAS-1-K5583035583Intro to Native Amer Studies3.0R MarshallW 5:30PM- 8:40PMHTECRM 3
PHIL-10-K5553035553Intro to Philosophy3.0E LeachMW10:45AM-12:10PMHTECRM 1
PSYCH-33-K5554035554Personal Growth & Adjustment3.0A FieldingTH 3:40PM- 6:50PMHTECRM 3
SOC-2-K5555035555Social Problems3.0D TrippTTH 9:00AM-10:25AMHTECRM 3
SPCH-7-K5556035556Interpersonal Communication3.0A AmundsenM 5:30PM- 8:40PMHTECRM 1