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Cost of Attendance (budget/expenses) 2012-2013

The expenses listed below are estimated costs for attending College of the Redwoods and are intended to give students a general idea about the costs. They are approximate and may differ from student to student.

Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is used to determine your financial aid awards. The EFC is calculated based on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) information.

You need to be aware of these costs and be prepared to pay a portion yourself, as financial aid rarely is able to cover the full cost, particularly for out-of-state students. It is also important to have up-front funds for books.

Budget-EFC=Financial Need

Example: you live off campus $14,971 (budget) – 2,550 (EFC) = $12,421 financial need

California (CA) Resident Housing Status Housing Status Housing Status
Expenses Living with
On campus
Residence Halls
Living Off
Fees $1140 $1140 $1140
Books/Supplies 1665 1665 1665
Food/Housing 3550 7298 8700
Transportation 1200 891 1400
Miscellaneous/personal 2014 1638 2066
Total for CA Residents $9,569 $12,632 $14,971
Non-CA Resident*, add:
Non-resident tuition
$5,592 $5,592 $5,592
Total for Non-Residents $15,161 $18,224 $20,563

Fees are based on full-time enrollment of 12 units per semester at $46 per unit, plus a $18 health fee per term. *Non-resident tuition is based on 12 units per semester at $233 per unit. If you enroll in more than 12 units per semester, your costs will be higher than the estimates listed.

**Students determined eligible for the Oregon Exchange program pay $66 per unit in addition to California enrollment fees, ($1,584 per year for 12 units per semester) rather than the non-resident fees. If you enroll in more than 12 units per semester, your costs will be higher.

Note: The costs listed above for fees, non-resident/OR exchange tuition, and residence halls are subject to change without notice. The non-resident and Oregon exchange fees include a $4 per unit capital outlay fee.

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