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Program Philosophy

            The College of the Redwoods Men’s Basketball Program is about taking care of business.  We want to recruit and develop student athletes that have a desire to learn, improve and compete at the highest level possible both on the court and in the classroom.  Here in the basketball office we believe in the Triangle Philosophy of Person, Student and Athlete.  It is the focus of the program to help our athletes develop and find success in all three of these areas.

The Person

            In our program we want individuals who will be solid citizens in the Eureka community, on the College of the Redwoods campus and within the family of our basketball team.  We expect our players to have pride in themselves and their family, in their team and in their school.  At CR we understand that character is the base of success and we are committed to helping develop trust, honesty, responsibility and commitment in the young men we work with.

The Student

            Preparing our students to meet their individual goals is one of the key components to the academic philosophy at CR.  We want each of our student-athletes to leave CR obtaining their academic goals and be prepared for the next stage of their academic career.  A student who works hard and is successful in the classroom will also be more successful on the court and other endeavors in life.

The Athlete

            At CR we will provide a full competitive college basketball experience for our players.  We want our players to have the mindset that they will take care of business on the court and in the weight room.   This commitment to themselves and their team to develop their skills, strength and athleticism will increase their success on the court.  A player that makes these commitments on a daily basis will be prepared to transfer from College of the Redwoods to a four year school at the highest level possible.

            An individual who comes to and plays at College of the Redwoods will know that they are part of a fun, enthusiastic, and serious program.  Their entire college experience will be enhanced by their contribution to a program that wants to take their basketball and academics to a higher level.  We want every player to walk away from CR proud of their contribution to the Corsair Basketball Program and feel great about their experiences with teammates and coaches.

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