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Drop for Non-Payment

Will not occur for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022.

What Is Drop for Non-Payment?

All students who have an unpaid balance on their account are subject to the Drop for Non-Payment process prior to the start of the Fall and Spring Semesters. This means that, students with an unpaid balance on their account for the Fall and/or Spring Semester(s) will be dropped from all of their semester's classes (including waitlisted classes) if their unpaid balance is not resolved prior to the Drop for Non-Payment date.

If a student is dropped for nonpayment, they will need to re-register for their semester's classes however, they may not be able to re-register for the same classes as they may be filled by other students who were on the waitlist.

Students should not rely on the Drop for Non-Payment process to be dropped from their classes.

Students are responsible for dropping their classes prior to the start of the semester in order to receive a full refund. If a student does not drop their classes, they are responsible for any and all grades received and fees incurred.

For specific deadlines, please refer to the Admissions and Records Calendars on our Important Dates page.


When Will Drop for Non-Payment Occur?

  • Fall Semester - 1st Wednesday in August
  • Spring Semester - 1st Wednesday in December


How Do Students Avoid Being Drop for Non-Payment?

  • Pay your account balance in full via WebAdvisor or by contacting the Cashier's Office at (707) 476-4126.
  • Create an NBS Payment Plan via WebAdvisor.

Important: Because an unpaid account balance can result in other negative consequences, it is strongly recommended that students monitor their account regularly. Unpaid account balances can and will result in a financial hold on a student's account that will prohibit future registration for classes and ordering and receiving transcripts and diplomas. Additionally, your unpaid account balance may be sent to collections over time.


What about Financial Aid?

Applying for financial aid via the FAFSA or the California Dream Act does not guarantee a student's eligibility for financial aid awards/programs or that a student will be protected from the Drop for Non-Payment process.

However, students that have a fully completed financial aid account may be protected from the Drop for Non-Payment process if their financial aid award(s) exceed their unpaid account balance. 

If you believe that your financial aid account is completed and that your financial aid awards can cover your account balance, please verify this with the Financial Aid Office at (707) 476-4182 or


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