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  • New Option for Residence Hall students: Students staying in the Residence Halls now have the option of staying at the Halls during the Winter and Spring breaks for a fee of $16.50 per day. Please go to the Residence Hall Office for more information.

  • International students traveling out of the United States over the summer break must have the third page of their I-20 signed by Edith Ramirez before leaving. It is highly recommended that you take care of this 2 weeks prior to departure by scheduling a time to bring in your I-20. Remember that your Visa needs to valid in order to return to the United States. If your Visa has or is going to expire, please make sure that you will be able to renew it in time to return.

  • Current schedules are available online through WebAdvisor.

  • International Students staying in the Residence Halls may check-in 1 week prior to the first day of classes for a minimum fee. Students must make arrangements 1 month prior to checking into the Residence Halls. Please contact the Residence Halls for more information at 707.476.4294 or by email at Housing@redwoods.edu .

  • Returning students must check in (either in person, by email or telephone) with Edith Ramirez 
  • during the first week of each semester and must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units.