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International Student Program


On-Campus Employment

Full time F-1 students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week on campus while school is in session, and up to 40 hours per week during vacation periods. Permission from SEVIS is not needed for on-campus employment.

Off-Campus Employment

IMPORTANT: F-1 students may not work off-campus without SEVIS authorization.

Full time F-1 students have two options to receive permission from SEVIS to work off-campus:

  • The first option is called "Economic Necessity" and requires an unforeseen financial crisis.

  • The second option is called Practical Training, which is work experience in your field of study and can be utilized before or after completion of your studies. Practical training is described below.

F-2 status holders are never eligible for employment authorization.

Practical Training

Practical Training is defined as work experience directly related to the student's major field of study. There are two types of practical training available to international students:

  1. Optional Practical Training (OPT), Post Completion

    OPT offers students in F-1 status the opportunity to work in the United States for a period of twelve (12) months immediately after completing their program of study. The employment can be paid employment. The employment must be directly related to the student's major field of study and must be requested prior to completing the program of study. OPT requires approval from SEVIS.

  2. Curricular Practical Training (CPT)/Cooperative Education

    CPT allows students in F-1 status to be employed off-campus before they complete their academic program as a requirement for student's field of study course work. F-1 students who obtain authorization for CPT on their I-20 Form can work off-campus while they are enrolled in classes and/or during their summer vacation period. CPT requires approval from the DSO.