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History is the study of our recorded past, and this major prepares you to collect and analyze historical evidence, interpret historical behavior and apply historical understanding.

College of the Redwoods offers an array of History classes. Many CR history courses articulate with Humboldt State University.

Transfer Opportunities

The Associate in Arts in History for Transfer at College of the Redwoods prepares students to pursue seamlessly into upper division work at a CSU campus. Because of the broad application of the skills you acquire as a history major, numerous career paths are open to you. These include careers in the fields of communication and writing, politics, social and public service and business.

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What can I do with a History degree?

From Professor Catherine Lavender, Department of History, College of Staten Island of the City University of New York

Only a small percentage of history majors go on to be historians; most go on, instead, to become lawyers, librarians, businesspersons, writers, archivists, researchers, teachers, politicians, and even entertainers. Leaders in every industry, from business to the arts, can point to their training as history majors as the starting point for their success.

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