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Assessment Process

Instructional Assessment

Process for Course-Level Assessment

  • Have your students do the assessment,whether it is a writing assignment, project, embedded exam question, survey, performance, demonstration, etc. and make a record of the assessment results.
  • Contact the Assessment Coordinator (, Deans, and Associate Deans to answer questions about the process and methods of assessment.

    Please wait until Week 12 to complete your course assessment reports in eLumen.

Student Services

Assessment Process

Conduct assessment and meet with colleagues if appropriate for coordination

  • Perform assessment: gather data, tabulate and analyze the results.
  • Meet with colleagues who you have shared and division outcomes with.  For programs with shared outcomes there should be coordinated assessment.

Student development service areas report on outcome assessment within program review. Please see your dean or director for more information. Please see your dean or director for more information.

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