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Behavior Intervention Team

Behavior Intervention Team



The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is a support mechanism and safety net for students experiencing difficulties. The goal is to seek solutions that will support the student and, hopefully, prevent the necessity of disciplinary action. Anyone can make a referral to the BIT if they notice a student who needs support or assistance. Referrals to BIT can be made via email or phone call to any member of the team.

Team Members: Crystal Morse, Matt McCann, Bernadette Johnson (Del Norte), Josh Stanley, Andrew Nichols, Cedric Aaron, Bob Brown, Jason Maki, and Stephanie Freyermuth

For more serious situations that need an immediate response, please call Public Safety at x4111.


Student is:

  • Emotional or cries in class
  • Appears depressed or despondent.
  • Says he has no money for food, bus, etc.
  • Seems to be ill frequently, or her appearance suggests a rapid change in health; attendance drops.
  • Displays passive-aggressive behavior.
  • Disrupts the interpersonal interactions with other students.
  • May write papers or give speeches about topics that concern you.
  • Uses words or makes references that suggest he/she/they is "in trouble." 


If you or a student are experiencing an emergency, please call Public Safety at 707-476-4111

Anyone who has a concern about a student can make a referral to BIT. Referrals can be made via the referral buttom below or by emailing Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What have you observed that has you concerned?
  • What would you like to see happen to resolve the issues?
  • What are some things that you see that might be strengths in this student?
  • Who else do you know who might be working with this student?

Contact Information


If you or a student are experiencing an emergency please call Public Safety at 707-476-4111

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