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Child Development Center

Child Development Center


About Us

College of the Redwoods Child Development Center simultaneously provides a high-quality laboratory setting for Early Childhood Education students, and enriching child care and development services for our local community.

Mon.-Fri. 8:15-4:15pm
during college instructional days


The center is located near the college stadium toward the rear of the main parking lot.


What is a Lab School?

A lab school is a window into children's learning. It is a place that makes learning  visible and supports the role of the teacher as researcher. The lab school provides all members of College of the Redwoods early childhood education community opportunities to explore, reflect, and construct knowledge within a group. Enrollment open to CR Students, Employees & the community.

There will be early childhood education students observing children from the observation rooms and participating in the children's classrooms. The rich experiences at the CDC will facilitate the development of thoughtful, respectful teachers of young children throughout our community.

Quick Facts

Ages Served

12 months  –  5 years

Number of classrooms



Sliding scale, based on income eligibility. The CDC is state-funded and Head Start enhanced program

Teacher-to-Student ratio

1:8  –  Preschool
1:4  –  Toddlers

Nutrition Services

Healthy meals and snacks are served at no cost to all enrolled children.

Our Program Philosophy

At College of the Redwoods Child Development Center we believe children are capable and competent. We are committed to children's potential and their enjoyment of life. The CDC develops children's disposition for curiosity, persistence, resourcefulness, problem solving, and creativity. We are a community of learners where children and adults explore their world together. 

Children gain knowledge and develop skills in a play-centered environment. A play-based curriculum encourages children to explore and experiment, constructing knowledge from their play. Teachers provide a variety of experiences based on the interests and development of children as individuals and as members of a group.

The staff works in collaboration with families  to create an atmosphere respectful of each child and family. Family members are welcome to become active participants in our learning community. Together we are working toward a high quality, enriching educational experience for children and those who care for them.

What is Play-Based Curriculum?

"Play is children's self-chosen process of recreating experience in order to understand it." 1

At the CDC, children's play is supported by the thoughtful array of activities that the teachers present. Play allows the whole child to develop. Children grow intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and creatively.

Teachers in a play-based program that reflects children's changing interests and abilities, create an environment and corresponding curriculum that encourage children's exploration. Teachers at the Child Development Center take the time to listen to children, engage them in conversations, and closely observe the ways they interact with others.

Teachers use these observations to help children think about their thinking.

"Project Work" enables children to solve a problem or answer a question as they learn to make sense of their world. Children review their current knowledge about a topic, make hypotheses and predictions, and then, within a group, explore, research, interview, discuss, reflect, and even change their point of view as they share their ideas.

The program develops relationships between the children, their families, and the adults at the center. Young children are developing trust, a sense of self, and initiative. Each child's teacher creates a trusting relationship which supports that child's learning.

The Child Development Center's play-based curriculum fosters an integrated community of learners.

1   Reynolds & Jones, Master Players, 1997

Information for ECE Students


The Child Development Center is always looking for on-call substitutes who are available to work in the center. Minimum qualifications for an associate teacher permit is required for this position. To apply for these positions, contact Human Resources at (707) 476-4140. When a permanent, full-time position becomes available, it is listed on the College of the Redwoods Employment

Frequently Asked Questions

The early childhood education classroom is located next to the front lobby of the center. Because we are a licensed facility and have children here Monday – Friday, we have a separate entrance for our ECE students. All ECE students must enter their classroom through a locked fence/gate which opens 10 minutes prior to the beginning of class. The ECE classroom has a bathroom which is available in the classroom so it isn't necessary to enter the child development center.

Your instructor will contact the CDC to notify them of the need to do an observation. You will need to sign up at the CDC front desk for an observation

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Child Development Center

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 Child Development Center

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