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The Innovative Training Center is located in the Redwoods Business Complex (RBC) B Building, Room 108 on the Eureka Campus (previously FM 108); across from the Science Building 

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Resources for Faculty

Syllabi Requirements, Checklist, and Required Template Insert

Syllabi are due to your area Adminsitrative Secretary by the first Friday following the start of classes.

To meet accreditation standards everyone MUST use as the first page of their syllabus the Syllabus Template. The rest of the syllabus should be attached behind this first page.  Do not send this as two documents, the office staff does not have the time to connect them together.  This is the syllabus that will be provided to your students.

Currently there are two syllabi templates: 

Eureka Syllabus Template: includes emergency information relative to the Eureka campus

DN Syllabus Template:  includes emergency information relative to the Del Norte campus

Faculty teaching from other sites may revise the emergency section of either template as necessary to reflect emergency procedures for their location.


Naming the Syllabus Each syllabus should be saved with the name in this format YearSemester (F,S, X),

Course ID and Section Number, Instructor Name (ex. 2012F-AG12-E2112-Rulofson.pdf).   It should be sent in PDF format to the administrative assistant for your division. Contact you administrative assistant if you are unable to PDF a document.


Submit a separate email for each different class for which you have a syllabus to the office staff. Use the subject line to indicate “Syllabus for Class Name, your name.”  This will make it easier for the staff to check them off as they are submitted.


Cut and paste from the course outline of record the information regarding Catalog Description and Course Learning Outcomes at the following link:  http://inside.redwoods.edu/Curriculum/Outlines/index.asp, to access this information.


Syllabi Checklist

The Syllabus Checklist.doc (click on link for printable version) is a quick checklist to make sure everything is included in the syllabus.  Refer to the faculty handbook for more detailed information on the items to include in your syllabus:


The following items are either recommended or required to be included in your syllabus. Items “X” are already provided for on the required syllabus insert.


* All syllabi must include these items. This list is not inclusive of all materials that could be included in a course syllabus, just the ones that are critical or highly recommended.

__X__ *Course Title

__X__ *Semester/year

__X__ *Course Prefix and Number

__X__ *Instructor's Name

__X__ *Instructor's Office (If one is available)

__X_   *Office Hours (contact information)

__X__ *Office Phone (If one is available)

__X__ *Redwoods.edu email

__X__ *Official Course Description

__X__ *Student Learning Outcomes as defined in course outline

__X__ *Reasonable accommodation and Equal Opportunity statements

__X__ *Academic Honesty statement

__X__  *Disruptive Classroom Behavior

__X__  *Emergency Procedures

__X__ *Textbook(s)

_____ *Prerequisites/Corequisites

_____  *Canvas Information

_____ *Course Calendar (Note that the instructor reserves the right to make changes)

_____ *Course Requirements (class participation, homework, tests, etc.)

_____ *Grading Criteria (1. outline the criteria for earning each letter grade and grade
             breakdown; 2. identifywhere students can find their grades and how to calculate

             them. This issue comes up on faculty evaluations regularly)
_____  Instructional Objectives as defined in course outline

 _____   Supplies

_____   Late Work Policy

_____   Written Work (Plagiarism) Policy (if you want to go into more detail)

_____   Make-up Work Policy

_____   Electronic equipment in class (policy on cell phones, recorders, laptops)

_____   Behavioral expectations

_____   Final Date

_____   Last Day to withdraw/drop

_____  Notice about being dropped due to excessive absences