College of the

The Associate Faculty Woorkroom is located in the AT Building, Room 100 Room on the Eureka Campus

Phone and Fax
Phone: 707-476-4514
Toll-free: 800-641-0400 x4514
Fax: 707-476-4404

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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office Suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. All campus comuters are configured with these programs. Full-time faculty have access to Office software from their campus computers and all faculty and associate faculty have access to these programs on the CTE computers.

Obtaining Microsoft Software

See the Software Purchasing page for information about academic discounts.

Website Resources

Now That I Know PowerPoint, How Can I Use It To Teach?, Patrick Crispin, California State University, Long Beach

How to Lecture and Keep 'Em Engaged, Garr Reynolds

The 'Change Up' in Lectures, Joan Middendorf and Alan Kalish, Indiana University