College of the

The Associate Faculty Woorkroom is located in the AT Building, Room 100 Room on the Eureka Campus

Phone and Fax
Phone: 707-476-4514
Toll-free: 800-641-0400 x4514
Fax: 707-476-4404

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Telephone and Voicemail

Telephone and Voicemail

Telephone voice mail extensions are assigned to Associate Faculty. The is a way for students to reach you. Be sure to identify yourself in the greeting so your students will know they've called the correct number. The Division office staff will get you an extension if you don't already have one. Please list your telephone number as 476-4100, extension _____.

Accessing Voice Mail

From campus:
Dial 4100, press #9, and your four digit mailbox extension.

From off-campus:
Dial 476-4100, press #9, and your four digit mailbox extension.