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Welcome to the English Home Page. Please use the links to the right to find out more about our class offerings and any of our degree / certificate programs. The faculty list below lists telephone numbers, office locations, and has links to faculty webpages and email.

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Writing Center
Poets & Writers
Book of the Year
Competency Exams
Visiting Writers
English 1A Themes
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Full Time Faculty Web Page Office Email Phone Campus
Susan Nordlof
Department Chair
   CA 121 E-Mail  476-4336  Eureka 
Peter Blakemore   FM 200B E-Mail 476-4314 Eureka
Molly Emmons
  E-Mail 465-2336 Del Norte
Larry Frazier   FM 200H E-Mail 476-4312 Eureka
Judith Hinman   FM 200C E-Mail 476-4299 Eureka
David Holper
LS 100 E-Mail 476-4370 Eureka
Bill Hoopes
AJ 105 E-Mail 476-4333 Eureka
John Johnston
301 E-Mail 962-2688 Mendocino
Pamela Kessler   FM 201 E-Mail 476-4308 Eureka
Ken Letko
D 5 E-Mail 465-2360 Del Norte
Pat McCutcheon   CA 122 E-Mail 476-4327 Eureka
Barbara Morrison   FM 200I E-Mail 476-4309 Eureka
Part Time Faculty
To Access :
Call 476-4300 + extension
From Campus Phone :
call 4300 + extension
Web Page Office Email Phone Campus
Nicolette Amann     E-Mail 4880  
Joann Bauer      E-Mail 4806  
Sean Herrera-Thomas     E-Mail 4987   
Celia Homesley     E-Mail 4680  
Susan Kornfeld     E-Mail 4913  
Timaree Marston     E-Mail 3046  
Sue McIntyre     E-Mail 4859   
Larry Mease     E-Mail  4324  
Shannon Mondor     E-Mail 4903  
Simmons, Jody     E-Mail 3042  
Erin Sullivan
  E-Mail 4915  
Michelle Van Aalst     E-Mail 4886  
Adria Zimmerman     E-Mail 3026