Forestry & natural resources

What's your dream job? Do you want to work outdoors? Do you want to help improve the quality of our environment? Would you like to help people to appreciate and enjoy the natural world? How about helping to provide products vital to our economic, social, and even spiritual well-being? Do you have an interest in making our cities and suburban areas "greener," more pleasant, and healthier for their inhabitants? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then a career in forestry or related discipline may be for you!

Although many people don't fully appreciate it, forests and trees are vitally important to human society, and affect nearly every aspect of our lives.

Forest Technology Program Brochure (PDF)

Great Opportunities

What is a forester? Is it simply one that grows and cuts down trees? It can be, but it can also be so much more. Forests are dynamic landscapes that require intelligent decision making and planning. If you enjoy and want to work in forests and want to learn how to properly manage them this is your major!

A degree in Forestry from College of the Redwoods is a hot ticket to a career in forestry with diverse employers from State Parks all the way to Private timber companies providing employment opportunities for our Graduates. According to the job placement rates published by the HSU Career Center, Forestry majors have the second highest hire rate among all majors at HSU

The hallmark of forestry courses are numerous field labs that teach you hands on skills that are essential to the practice of forestry. In addition to a Redwood Forest near campus, numerous opportunities exist nearby for field labs on Private timberland as well as state and federal forests and parks.


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