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The Mathematics Department server can be reached here

The department of mathematics at CR provides a variety of lower division courses. For a list of Course descriptions and availability, see our virtual catalog.

OPTIMATH - Online Practice and Testing in Mathematics. Welcome to OPTIMATH! This online testing system was developed by the Department of Mathematics at College of the Redwoods for use by its faculty and students. If you are currently enrolled in a course which uses OPTIMATH, please click here to log in to the system.

To assist in course placement, viewers can take a look here.

Both the Physics and Mathematics departments recently received National Science Foundation grants! The grant will improve computing facilities and modernize the school's linear algebra, multi variable calculus, and differential equations courses. To see materials related to the math grant go to our resources page

Mathematics Faculty

Arnold, DaveEKA707-476-4222david-arnold@redwoods.edu
Butler, MikeEKA707-476-4234michael-butler@redwoods.edu
Gill, LeviEKAlevi-gill@redwoods.edu
Haley, MikeEKA707-476-4352mike-haley@redwoods.edu
Jackson, SteveEKA707-476-4219steve-jackson@redwoods.edu
Matsumoto, TamiEKA707-476-4543Tami-matsumoto@redwoods.edu
Moreno, MichelleEKAmichelle-moreno@redwoods.edu
Morin, BradEKAbrad-morin@redwoods.edu
Olsen, ToddEKA707-476-4229todd-olsen@redwoods.edu
Pace, JonothanEKAjonothan-pace@redwoods.edu
Ries, RichardDN707-465-2335Richard-Ries@Redwoods.edu
Wagner, BruceEKA707-476-4207bruce-wagner@redwoods.edu
Yokoyama, KevinEKA707-476-4233kevin-yokoyama@redwoods.edu