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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I apply to graduate?

When is the deadline to turn my Graduation Petition or Application for Certificate?

What if I miss the petition/application deadline?

How will I know that I am approved to graduate?

How will I know if I am eligible to graduate with honors?

Where do I get my honor cord?

If I don?t graduate during the semester I applied for, do I have to reapply?

Can I walk at commencement before I?ve finished my degree/certificate requirements?

What is the ?blue card??

Do I need tickets for my family and friends to attend commencement?

Is there assigned seating?

How many tickets can I get?

Can I get extra tickets?

How do I get my cap and gown (regalia)?

Who do I contact if I need to have special accommodations at commencement?

When is rehearsal?

Where and when do I line up for Commencement?

What time do the doors open for Commencement to allow the guests to find seats?

Will I have a picture taken at Commencement?

Where will my diploma be mailed?

When will I get my diploma?

Can I get a duplicate diploma?

When will my degree or certificate be reflected on my transcript?

Who do I contact if I have questions about my records after I graduate?

How do I get my transcript?

How much do transcripts cost?

When will my final grades be reflected on my transcript?

How do I sign up for the Alumni Association


If you have more questions, please contact the Office of Instruction: Crislyn Parker, 707-476-4109 or Crislyn-parker@redwoods.edu or Shereen-cockrum@redwoods.edu.