College of the
External Data Sources

The Chancellor’s Office Data Mart An online source of California college information available to the general public.  CR MIS data is reported to and displayed on this site and can be accessed using the variety of queries for individual district information (by District) or Statewide.  Data Mart Queries include Student Demographics, Full Time Equivalent Students (FTES), Program Retention and Success Rates, Student Services Programs (DSPS/EOPS/CalWORKS), and others.

California Department of Education Includes the DataQuest and Ed-Data applications. This site includes High School Graduation data, High School Exit Exams (CAHSEE) and Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Test Scores by School, District, and County. Data also includes students who graduate from High School having taken courses required for UC/CSU Admission.

California Department of Finance Provides data on population projections, demographic data, and economic forecasts and analyses.

California Employment Development Department Includes links on Labor Market Info and Unemployment that is useful in program planning and advising.

California Postsecondary Education Commission Provides data on Transfer Pathways and Incoming Freshmen.

The National Center for Educational Statistics NCES is located within the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences.  It is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.  Some of the most viewed NCES sites include Nation’s Report Card, Data Tools, Digest of Education Statistics,  College Opportunities Online (COOL), and Postsecondary Education System (IPEDS).  CR submits IPEDS data annually at the conclusion of fall semester.

U.S. Census Bureau Includes data on population demographics and economic indicators.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Contains information on Employment and Wage data.

Internal Data Sources

Datatel “Colleague” is the integrated data management system in place at CR.  Datatel modules include Enrollment Management, Financials, Scheduling, Human Resources & Payroll, and the Foundation. The data in Colleague is entered by and available to staff having authorized access.  Much of the information from Datatel can be viewed through the online WebAdvisor program.  Data and information not visible on WebAdvisor can be requested by submitting an ITS Data Request form or IR Services Request form with appropriate approval from a supervisor.

WebAdvisor The online system linked to CR’s Datatel information, and used by faculty, staff, and students.  Students use WebAdvisor to register for classes, drop or add classes, view grades or GPA, request transripts and access financial aid information.  Faculty can view instructor schedules, check enrollments, print rosters, look up student profiles, view lists of dropped students, and report grades using this program.  All employees can access position summary information, leave plan summary information, total compensation, pay advices, and other information.   Advisors and counselors have access to advisees, student educational planning and other tools.

Institutional Research Reports and Publications appropriate for public access are posted on College of the Redwoods’ IR web site.  Current publications available to the general public are the “Fast Facts 2006-2007” and the CR Student Data Indicators report.  These are accessible from the IR Website. 

Outlook Public Folders at CR contain information and data available to CR employees who use the CR Outlook email system.  Documents such as the Education Master Plan and Strategic Plan, information such as Educational Outcomes Assessment, scheduling information, notes and minutes from meetings of various groups are available in Outlook Public Folders.  In the Institutional Research folder, CR employees will find reports intended for CR employees only such as enrollment snapshots.

Accuplacer is a series of placement tests administered to all CR students upon entry to the college as part of the matriculation process.  Accuplacer assessments are administered in the Academic Support Center located in the Learning Resource Center.  These tests determine the appropriate course level for students in Math and English, and indicate whether or not remedial work is needed. Accuplacer scores are stored in Datatel, available to staff in the ASC and counseling/advising. 

LASSI - Learning and Study Strategies Inventory - assesses student learning and study strategies using 10 separate scales.  The LASSI provides standardized scores and provides students with a diagnosis of their strengths and weaknesses as compared to other college students.  Interested students can request the LASSI assessment at the Academic Support Center. Upon completion of the online assessment, a two-page report is displayed.  Assessed students are referred to an instructor, counselor or an advisor after they receive the results.  Authorized personnel can access the student information on LASSI’S website.