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What is College of the Redwoods CalWORKs?


College of Redwoods (CR) works together with the California Department of Social Services and local Welfare Departments. We offer employment education, training, and supportive services to CalWORKs recipients. The CR CalWORKs program is designed to prepare individuals (who receive Cash Aid) for work in order to gain financial independence.

The focus of the CR CalWORKs program is to provide training, work experience, and services to people who want to better their employment skills and become self-reliant. The CalWORKs staff at CR assists people who want to learn basic job skills, earn a certificate in a vocational program, earn an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, or prepare to transfer to a college or university to earn a higher degree.

Who is eligible for CR CalWORKs Program?

  • Individuals who currently receive Cash Aid or
  • Those who have been on Cash Aid in the past two years.
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