College of the

What is College of the Redwoods CalWORKs?

The CalWORKs Program at College of the Redwoods serves students who receive Cash Aid/TANF. Students receive specialized academic advising, assistance with transportation, support with school supplies, and referrals to supportive services, all while attending college. Some students may be eligible for the CalWORKs Work Study program. The CalWORKs Work Study program will provide paid on-the-job training opportunities. The CalWORKs program is designed to prepare individuals for work in order to gain financial independence, all while attending college.

Who is eligible for CR CalWORKS

  • Students who currently receive Cash Aid.
  • Self-Initiated Program participants.
  • Exempt Students.
  • Must be in good Standing with the county.

For information contact CalWORKs at: (707) 476-4581