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Changes are happening at a very fast rate in the world of work. Perhaps now, more than ever, it is important that you have information available about yourself, the world of work, and how to prepare for today's job market.

Choosing a satisfying career is a process which involves many decisions, beginning now while you are still a student, or considering becoming one.


We're here to help!
Visit or call to take advantage of any of the following resources and services:


  • Computerized career information and self-guided career inventory available through:
  • Our career inventories can help you link your interests, values, and skills to compatible career possibilities.
  • Help with matching your career goal to an educational
    program or major.


  • See our online job listings for students (including work-study positions) or visit our office.
  • Job listings on computer
  • Visit our LINKS page to connect with the Employment job search web-sites
  • For Students Only - a small number of our services are available only to students:
    • District Work Study Program
    • Federal Work Study Program


  • Job posting website and on-campus job posting.
  • Wage-Subsidized employment program available through CalWORKs.