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Articulation is the process of evaluating courses to determine whether coursework completed at one college is equivalent to similar coursework at another college. Formal articulation agreements between colleges exist to take the guesswork out of determining course equivalency. For instance, the example below indicates that Chem. 1A at College of the Redwoods is equivalent to Chem. 109 at Humboldt State University.

College of the Redwoods

Humboldt State University

CHEM 1A General Chemistry

CHEM 109 General Chemistry

  • College of the Redwoods maintains articulation agreements with private and public colleges and universities throughout California
  • Articulation agreements are available over the World Wide Web at www.assist.org
  • Assist displays course transfer information from California Community Colleges, the California State University System and the University of California.
  • Assist is the most up-to-date information system available for articulation and student transfer issues in California


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