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Published: Thursday, April 21, 2022

CR student Jack Hill elected VP of the CCC Student Senate

CR student Jack Hill elected VP of the CCC Student Senate

Jack Hill (our current ASCR President, who will soon be graduating from CR), has just been elected the Vice-President of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC).  The Senate represents all CC students to the Legislature, Governor, Chancellor and the Public.  He is filling a vacancy until July 2022.  Jack has been very active in both ASCR and statewide issues of concern to CC students.  For the past year, he has served as SSCCC Region I Regional Affairs Director, and as such sits on the SSCCC Board of Directors.  Recently, he chaired the SSCCC Resolutions Committee which proposes ideas for the annual General Assembly consisting of all 110+ community college representatives, which sets the  legislative priorities for SSCCC.  

Jack continues the CR tradition of our College, despite its remote location and small size,  being well-represented in the SSCCC organization.  

"I joined the ASCR Senate because I really have a passion for political science and while I love diving deeper into the field in my classes, I wanted to experience politics in an applied fashion as well," said Jack Hill. "It is crucial that CR students are represented at the statewide level because community college students in rural communities such as ours endemically experience a lack of representation in statewide governance. And since rural communities often face unique issues compared to students in more populated areas, without representation those concerns go unheard and unresolved, emphasizing the need for proper representation."

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