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Lab Access for Students with Disabilities

providing access to appropriate technology for students with disabilities

Computer labs must have a minimum of 10% or at least three accessible computer workstations for students with disabilities.

All classrooms with LCD projectors connected to VCRs or stand-alone DVD players must have projectors capable of displaying closed-captions or have closed-caption decoder boxes capable of displaying closed-captions . Unfortunately computers probably will not play captioned DVDs reliably unless they have an ATI 9800 All in a Wonder Pro video card or another card capable of displaying closed-captions, so a standalone DVD player is usually recommended.

Accessibility Standards for Computer Labs and Computer Workstations at CR

CR Board of Trustees Policy No. 809 regarding minimum accessible computer workstations in labs and web accessibility (please scroll down to part III)

Computer Labs Accessibility Standards at CR-- lists requirements


Caption Decoder Boxes

Closed-captioned decoder boxes enable students who are deaf / hard of hearing or have learning disabilities to be able to see words at the bottom of closed-captioned videos or DVDs. Unfortunately computers usually cannot play closed-captioned DVDs reliably unless they have an ATI 9800 All in a Wonder Pro video card or another CC card, so a standalone DVD player is recommended. Of course all videos/DVDs shown at CR should be captioned or have English subtitles for the deaf to comply with Board of Trustees policy.

current vendor information for caption decoder boxes

more information about closed-captioning

For more information, please call the DSPS High Tech Center, Eureka Campus: x4557

Or email jason-brewer@redwoods.edu


updated: 12-Oct-2007

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