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Hillary Reed

Hillary Reed

Dental Assisting

Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Management

DA 153 Dental Assisting Science
DA 154 Dental Assisting Materials and Duties
DA 155 Dental Radiography
DA 156 Dental Assisting Fundamentals
DA 156 C Dental Assisting Fundamentals Clinical Lab Experience
DA 163 Advanced Dental Assisting Science
DA 164 Advanced Dental Assisting Functions in Dental Specialties
DA165 Advanced Dental Radiography
DA 166 Dental Assisting Functions in Dental Practice Management
DA 167 Advanced Dental Assisting Functions and Duties (Clinical Experience)

I am a College of the Redwoods Dental Assisting Alumni. I attended the Program in 1995-1996. While in the Program, I interned in oral surgery. This was the direction I thought I would go. After graduation, I became a Registered Dental Assistant and Certified Dental Assistant.

My first dental assisting job was at Redwoods Rural Dental Clinic. In 1996, I moved to Fort Bragg and worked in general dentistry for Dr. Mattson, where I developed the love for dentistry! Then, with the encouragement and financial support from Dr. Mattson, I earned my Extended Functions from the University of San Francisco Continuing Education Division.

While working full time in orthodontics and general dentistry, I began working on my dental hygiene pre-requisites at the College of the Redwoods Mendocino Coast campus. Once I completed all dental hygiene pre-requisites, I began teaching as an Associate Faculty in fall semester of 2003. I also continued to work in pediatrics at Growing Smiles Dentistry. Eventually, in 2005, I began teaching full-time and earned my Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Management.

This is all to show that, with some determination, furthering your education is possible while still holding down a full-time job!

Learning should be fun, engaging and hands-on, no matter the grade level. The Dental Assisting curriculum is an applied science where theory, content, and memorization are applied to practical hands-on skills in a laboratory setting.

I love working with my hands and I believe that Dentistry is a science and an art form - two of my favorite subjects. Every day is different. As a dental assistant, you need great problem solving skills, organization, and the ability to meticulously follow directions. Some days you never stop. The ability to kick it in to "high gear" and multi-task is essential. The career is rewarding and patient satisfaction is the greatest gift, especially when they smile.

I believe in the community college system because I believe that education should be accessible for all. Students shouldn't have to accrue debt to earn an education, whether they are after a degree, skills that will lead to earning a living wage, or both.

My advice to students who want to be successful is that with determination and hard work, anything is possible. Believe in yourself, and invest in yourself!

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