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Levi Gill

Levi Gill


Masters in Mathematical Modeling of Ecological Systems

MATH 15 - Introduction to Statistics
MATH 5 - Contemporary Mathematics
MATH 304 - Algebra Review for Chemistry

I try to make my classes a learning community. My theory is that lecturing for an hour plus, and then sending students out to do homework by themselves is not the most robust way to engage and learn the material. If you walk by one of my classes, you'll generally see a class busy in small groups, talking through activities together. This gives students a chance to engage in the material, get hands-on, and discuss things they tried and learned together.

I am a proud CR alumni! This institution offers a high quality education from faculty who truly care about their topics and their students.

I didn't take a direct route to math. I knew that I was interested in doing something in the STEM fields, but I didn't think I actually had the skill or interest in math because I didn't do very well in my high school math classes. However, I had to take math classes as prerequisites to the science classes I wanted to take, and I slowly started to build in confidence realizing that, even though I wasn't the most stellar student, I could do it. Finally, I took a math class called differential equations that totally captured my curiosity, and math switched from something I needed for other classes to something that was fascinating in itself.

I would recommend mathematical modeling for anyone who loves to study in a variety of fields. Many scientific teams will bring on mathematicians to help them with the modeling, so you get brought in on a lot of different research projects and learn a lot about a fields you didn't know much about (in my case forest fire management!)

I believe that the best way to learn is to: 1) be curious, 2) be willing to discuss and try new things, and 3) be willing to make and learn from mistakes. But of the three, curiosity is the most important! If you bring that to every class, you'll be successful.

Also, don't be intimidated by your instructors. We love getting to know and help our students.

Make sure you choose the math class that is right for your education and career goals. In many cases, that class does not have the word "algebra" in it! We offer a variety of great classes. If you're not sure which one fits best, feel free to talk to a counselor.

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