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Phil Freneau

Phil Freneau

Early Childhood Education, Philosophy, Psychology

Ph.D. Child Development

ECE-1: Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
ECE-2: Child Growth & Development
ECE-5: The Child in the Family and in the Community
ECE-6: Child Health, Safety and Nutrition
ECE-7: Introduction to Early Childhood Curriculum
ECE-9: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education
ECE-10: Field Experience in Early Childhood Education
ECE-18: Teaching in a Diverse Society
PHIL-1: Critical Thinking
PHIL-10: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-15: Religions of the World
PHIL-20: Introduction to Ethics
PSYCH-1: General Psychology
PSYCH-11: Life Span Development
PSYCH-33: Personal Growth and Adjustment

Teaching can be thought of as a puzzle with many pieces. Parents, family, schools and the community all have pieces to place in the eventual picture which the student becomes. Education professionals must see themselves as part of a team. They must work in conjunction with many and varied programs in order to maximize the person’s potential for development. We need to understand that each person is unique and thus developmental appropriateness varies from person to person.

Education programs must tailor themselves to the individual in regard to ages and stages as well as unique cultural and environmental factors. College programs should be models of healthy, safe, and positive environments for students and should foster the development of positive self-esteem.

Humans are our most precious natural resource and deserve our very best efforts in maximizing every aspect of their growth physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

I teach in three different disciplines. This may seem odd but they all fit together in the following ways. Psychology is the combination of the disciplines of physiology and philosophy, early childhood education is a special off-shoot of psychology.

I have taught at the university level both undergraduate and graduate students. At that level professional duties are focused more on research and less on teaching. I love teaching and the best place to teach at the college level is at a community college.

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