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Carolyn Perkins

Carolyn Perkins

Social Work & Human Services

Master’s in Social Work

SWHS-1: Introduction to Social Work and Human Services
SWHS-2: Field Seminar in Social Work and Human Services
SWHS-42: Supervised Occupational Work Experience
ADCT-10: Introduction to Addiction Studies

Having practiced Social Work for well over two decades, I come to teaching with a background in health education, case management, county/state/tribal Child Welfare Services, medical social work, and community outreach.

My philosophy of teaching is to provide a classroom environment where students are encouraged to express their own ideas, examine how the field of practice has gotten to this point in history, and to feel engaged in their individual educational experience. Although I stress individual responsibility for learning in the classroom, I also provide explanation and guidance regarding the course materials and subject matter. A key part of Social Work education is engaging with each other, examining new ideas, challenging old ideas and finding ways to advocate for change.

It is an exciting time to practice Social Work in the United States. The field has gained national recognition and understanding, leading to projections of major growth in this field over the coming years.  CR’s program helps students to move from someone who is interested in doing social work in their community, to being a Social Worker for their community.

As a field, Social Work offers professionals a ton of flexibility. As a generalist practitioner you are able to work in many fields of practice over the course of your career. For example, someone could start out in health education, move to on to a geriatric program, and then end their career in private practice. While some degree programs lock a person in to a particular focus, Social Work is a field that encourages and values a person's ability to remain flexible throughout their career. This portability allows individuals to evolve their careers as they themselves change over time.

As students move through their education/career, there are also opportunities for practitioners to gain advanced degrees and certifications. CR's Social Work and Human Services program works closely with HSU's Social Work Department to ensure that students experience a smooth transition between programs. Locally students have access to programs such as a: Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Work, Master of Social Work degree, Addictions Studies Certificate (allowing students to work in recovery centers), People Personal Credential (allowing students to do School Social Work) and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (allowing students to become a counselor/therapist).

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