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Leonard Bechler

Leonard Bechler

Construction Technology

CT-25: OSHA Construction Safety
CT-21A: Survey of Wood Technology
CT-21B: Intermediate Wood Technology
CT-55: Advanced Wood Technology
CT-56: Construction Layout
CT-94: Finish Carpentry
CT-9: Building Maintenance

I’m a Licensed General Contractor and I have worked as a carpenter/cabinetmaker since 1993. I also studied with James Krenov at the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking program in Fort Bragg. I fell into carpentry by accident, but once there, I realized that each day is another attempt at solving a problem. In construction, conditions are constantly changing. We worry a building into existence.

“We can all do this!” That’s my teaching philosophy and my class motto. Through many generations, in many cultures, people have learned to work with wood - from raw timbers to finished furniture. There is math, chemistry, law, physics, etc. baked into what we do. It is a lot to learn but anyone can do it. The older teach the younger and it continues on.

I have been using California Community Colleges since 1994. Whenever I have wanted to know more about a subject, I have looked to the catalogs of various schools for that training. I believe that the California Community College system is an incredible resource for all Californians.

My advice to students who want to be successful is to show up, be curious, ask questions, and know that it is a life-long practice.

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