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Anibal Florez

Anibal Florez

Automotive Technology

AT-10: Introduction to Automotive Technology
AT-12: Automotive Braking Systems
AT-14: Manual Drivetrain and Axle
AT-16: Automotive Electrical Systems
AT-20: Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems
AT-21: Automotive Engine Repair and Diagnosis
AT-24: Engine Performance
AT-26: Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating
AT-28: Advanced Engine Performance
AT-30: Automatic Transmission-Transaxle

I graduated from a trade school with a degree in automotive technology and I've worked in the automotive field as a technician for 10 years. After graduating from trade school I worked at both dealerships and independent shops before starting my teaching career.

I chose this field knowing that it would give a sense of autonomy and freedom to live and work where I wanted to. Once you learn this skill set your not going to forget it and there are plenty of vehicles that need repair work. I think people who do this type of work find that it's rewarding for many reasons and not only monetarily. The technology is always changing and keeping up with it is challenging and engaging.

My advice for any student would be to stay limitless in your pursuit and definition of success. Don't limit yourself into thinking that you only have a few options. Just because you don't see them right away, it doesn't mean that they don't exist. Also, it takes you doing something different to see changes in your life. Be diligent and work hard for what you want!

My favorite part of teaching is witnessing the "Ah ha!" moments when my students understand something new and are able to apply that knowledge in a practical way.

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