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Jon Pedicino

Jon Pedicino


Jon Pedicino, Astronomy/Planetary Geology

Ph.D. in Planetary Geology

Astronomy-10: Introduction to Astronomy (General Education, 3 units)
Astronomy-11: The Solar System and Space Exploration (GE, 3 units)
Astronomy-30: Teaching Science with Science Fiction (Elective, 2 units)
Astronomy-99: Are UFOs Real? (Elective, 1 unit)

My undergraduate and Ph.D. research looked at the possibility that there was once life on Mars by studying Martian glaciers and climate change in the distant past.

I am constantly astounded by the breadth and diversity of the universe. I share that enthusiasm with my students, some of whom go on to careers in the physical sciences, but all of whom leave these classes with a sense of awe and a changed perspective - both of this planet and the broader solar system and universe beyond.

I strive to empower my students to recognize not only how science works (scientific method), but also that they can “do science” themselves and it is accessible to them. My classes teach critical thinking and science literacy through the lens of the inspiring and changing perspective of our amazing universe!

I was inspired by challenging and enthusiastic professors in my college career and I love having the opportunity to open the doors of science wide, to inspire so many of our dedicated and hardworking students. I hope to empower them to recognize the potential that lies within them.

My advice to students who want to be successful is to let yourself be inspired and use that as a motivation to follow your dreams and aspirations.



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