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Michelle Haggerty

Michelle Haggerty


Psych 1- General Psychology
Psych 2- Research Methods in Psychology
Psych 2L- Research Methods in Psychology Lab
Psych 3- Psychology of Sexuality
Psych 33- Personal Growth and Adjustment
Psych 11- Life Span Development

My career started off in clinical areas of Psychology, working for 14 years in various settings including in-patient, residential, private practice, in school settings and family homes. I specialized in working with children who were diagnosed with various mental, developmental, and neurological disorders. The move from practice to teaching 19 years ago, was a natural progression for me as it allows me to share my love of the discipline with students considering their life path. Psychology is a discipline that is ever evolving, based on how we can examine the human experience. I try to model a curious and critical analysis of the discipline for students.

My current interests in Psychology include:

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Biological and evolutionary bases for behavior
  • Creativity and psychology
  • Sex and Gender

I focus on creating a collaborative and respectful learning environment in my classrooms. Students should be prepared to think about topics from new angles while maintaining academic humility. The diversity of the discipline allows for continual discovery of the human condition and even I, as the instructor, continue to learn about my discipline from the content that we cover and through our interactions in the room.

This degree prepares students to critically analyze information, research topics, and communicate effectively - all valuable assets to future employers.

I chose to teach at CR because I love the assortment of opinions and experiences present in a community college classroom. Real community takes place and I am honored to be a part of the education of individuals in the room.

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