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Kinesiology is the study of the movement of the human body, and includes courses in sports, fitness, human anatomy and physiology. Community college courses toward an AS-T in Kinesiology may include aquatics, combatives, team sports, individual sports, fitness and dance, as well as other relevant science courses. The bachelor’s degrees in kinesiology offered at the CSU span a wide range of options such as exercise and human performance, motor learning, biomechanics, sports, dance, physical education – pre physical therapy, physical education – teaching and health and wellness. As a kinesiology graduate, you may find your career in athletic training and coaching, health and fitness businesses, physical education and therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation.

Some fields may require additional training.

Transfer Opportunities

The Associate Degree for Transfer is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree in this discipline at a CSU campus. Completing this degree allows students to fulfill lower division major requirements at a community college and guarantee transfer with junior status to the CSU system. Students who complete this degree and transfer to a similar major at a CSU are guaranteed a pathway to finish their baccalaureate degrees in 60 semester or 90 quarter units.

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