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The Multicultural & Equity Center (MEC) is a dynamic and inclusive place that supports all students in their academic and personal journeys at the college. We do this by creating community, home away from home, and a safe place for cultural expression, cross-cultural learning, access to college and dignity resources, and social justice work opportunities. The MEC is committed to retention and student success by offering activities related to leadership development, student connectedness and student equity. We are a student-centered program that fosters respect for all people.

Upcoming Dates

17 Aug 2023 Convocation/Flex

19 Aug 2023 Fall 2023 Semester Begins

4 Sep 2023 Labor Day (District-wide closure)

5 Sep 2023 Census Day

8 Sep 2023 Flex forms due for Full Time and Associate Faculty

5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Student Club or Organization

Involve yourself with what’s going on on campus and make new friends through a student organization! They often offer leadership opportunities, learning experiences, and environments to network with professionals. Here are five great benefits of joining student clubs or organizations:

  1. Better Grades and Time Management

While you may think that keeping up with your classes is going to be too much, think again. Joining a student club or organization can give you great skills in balancing your time. Because you will have other projects or deadlines to complete outside of the ones for your classes, you will learn how to create this balance between involvement and school, while still leaving free time for yourself to do other activities you enjoy. Studies show that working about 20 hours a week or less can actually raise your GPA, so get involved! Don't forget to schedule an appointment with the Counseling and Advising Office to get your academic questions answered: Counseling and Advising

  1. Networking or Socializing

One of the benefits of joining student club or organization is being able to network with others with similar interest or learning about other people. Networking is highly important in our world today and can help you achieve your goals. This is the perfect time to expand your network and work on those socializing skills. 

  1. Experience

Maybe you weren’t involved in anything during high school, so you’re looking to gain experience working with others or planning events in college. Student clubs or organizations can give you just that. Depending on the kind of club or organization you are looking to join, you can gain a ton of valuable experience. Employers don’t only look at the grades you received in classes you took. They also want to see what you do outside of the classroom. The experience that comes with coordinating a huge, on-campus event can be used in the real world beyond college. If you want an extra experience outside of your major classes, you could potentially join a student club or organization tied to your major.

  1. Community

Joining a student club or organization is an easy, quick way to meet people. Starting college can be scary, and dipping your toes in a student club or organization can help you transition to college life. Look at student organizations that actually interest you; they will be full of other people with the same interests. If you’re nervous about how to go about talking to new people, don’t worry! Lots of organizations facilitate icebreakers early on when new students join. If the club really is something you’re interested in, it’ll be easy to talk about with other members. Because most organizations meet a few times a month, you’ll be able to make friends fast and build a community. Visit the website of the many support programs and services we have for you: 

  1. Fun

Besides all of the real-world skills you can get from a student club or organization, you can also have a lot of fun! The other members will become some of your closest friends and biggest supporters all while you get to do something you love. Seeing hundreds or thousands of students attending an event you helped put on can be the best feeling in the world. Whether it’s a campus activities club, a big fundraiser for your favorite charity, or a food tasting event, you can make new memories.

Currently in a student club or organization, or interested in joining one? There's something for everyone!

Clubs housed in MEC:

Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Club

 The Asian-Pacific Islander Club, or API Club, is a student organization connected whose main purpose is to educate, promote, and encourage awareness of API cultures and traditions to the school and broader community. Through this, we strengthen our self-awareness, individuality and as a whole , while standing together proud of our experiences and focusing on enhancing our school's future through education, organization, service, and action to promote consciousness of all API cultures, identities, and issues. 

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union of the College of the Redwoods strives to inform and educate our community on the struggles and achievements, both past and present, of the Black community. We provide information organize discussions and events based on political, educational, social and cultural issues surrounding the African American community and Black community as a whole; as well as offering a safe and empowering space for students of color. Throughout our programming and interactions we aim to breakdown stereotypes and challenge our community to accept differences.

Latinx Student Union (LSU)

The Latinx Student Union's mission at College of the Redwoods is to increase Latinx awareness on campus and in the community through the planning of cultural, academic, professional, and social events that portray the different aspects of Latin American cultures while affirming diversity and taking a political stance on social issues affecting the Latinx community in Humboldt County.

Queer Student Union (QSU) 

The purpose of the club is to provide a safe space for LBGTI-Queer students and allies to meet, support each other, inform group of events in the community and to discuss advocacy for Queer students on campus.

Redwoods 180 (New Club)

The purposes Redwoods 180 Bible Club is to encourage and meet Christians on campus and to provide positive activities and coordinate Bible studies for students, and/or to perform community services.

RISE Native American Club 

***All student clubs are welcome to use the MEC conference room for meeting space. Participation in clubs is open to all!!

MEC Support Groups

First-Generation Support Group

Mission: First-Generation Support Group is a weekly ongoing supportive space that serves students whose parents/caregivers did not graduate from a four-year college in the United States. Any students who don't identify as First-Generation but would like to join us are welcome. We will share stories, develop skills and share resources.

Muslim Student Support Group

Mission: The Muslim Student Support Group offers a safe space where Muslims of all backgrounds can meet every week and offer each other support. It is a place where Muslim students are given opportunities to strive to understand, appreciate, and practice their Islam without compromising their morals and beliefs. Activities can include group prayer, reading Qur’an together, Qur’an recitations, Eid celebrations, Ramadan activities, lectures, spiritual discussions, sharing meals and iftars, and organizing charity events on and off campus. *Non-Muslims interested in learning about Islam and the Islamic way of life are encouraged to join.

Native Student Support Group

Mission: Native Student Support Group offers a safe space for Native and Indigenous students to come together and create community. Students will share resources, encourage, and support each other while having fun.

Queer Student Support Group

Mission: This support group is for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning or with related identities. Topics are based on participant concerns, with common issues related to self-identification, transition, coming out, dating, family and religion.

  • Meeting Time:
  • Location: LRC 102A and Zoom
  • Contact:

Womyn of Color Support Group

Mission: The Womyn of Color Support Group is a weekly ongoing supportive space for female-identified students, who also identify as womyn of color. Allies are welcome to join and receive support themselves. This group provides a space for womyn of color to discuss the complexities of navigating personal and interpersonal spaces within and outside CR. We will be using the book It Don't Hurt Now by Christie A. Cruise, PhD to guide our discussions. Books are provided.

Student Ambassadors


The College of the Redwoods Multicultural and Equity Center Student Ambassador Program provides a unique opportunity for students to take an active role on campus by discussing their personal narratives in correlation with diversity related topics.

The Student Ambassadors work toward changing perspectives and breaking down stereotypes, while promoting the genuine celebration of differences and encouraging multicultural awareness across cultures and in everyday settings. Ambassadors are responsible for facilitating diverse conversations through presentations and open discussions in classrooms. Their presentations are free and available to instructors on campus. Ambassadors are some of our most involved students and become part of a close-knit, diverse, and vibrant group.

Presentation topics include immigration, understanding differing cultures and culture shocks, LGBT experiences, religion, allyship, physical, mental and emotional abuse, education, challenges facing minority groups, family dynamics, socioeconomic status, mental health, first generation college student experiences, and the challenges that come with growing up in a single parent household.

Our Mission

We share our stories in an effort to encourage our audience to feel empowered by their personal experiences, leading to a more inclusive environment at College of the Redwoods. 

Our Values

Integrity: We strive to tell our own personal truths, through our experiences.

Inspiration: We hope to motivate others in an effort to spread multiculturalism, equity and social justice.

Inclusivity: We envision College of the Redwoods to uphold the same standards of diversity that our program does. 


Contact Us

Kintay Johnson, PhD, Director

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