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Study the fundamental processes of nature, including motion, light, heat, and matter

About Us

Physics is the study of the fundamental processes of nature, including motion, light, heat, and matter. Physics employs theoretical models involving force, momentum, energy, fields, waves, and particles to describe nature and through mathematics formulate precisely testable, quantitative predictions. Physics is an experimental science where all theories are subject to independently repeated, quantitative verification based on data from carefully designed experiments.

Degrees and Certificates
  • PHYS2A - General Physics I
  • PHYS2B - General Physics II
  • PHYS4A - Calculus-Based Physics: Mechanics
  • PHYS4B - Calculus-Based Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
  • PHYS4C - Calculus-based Physics: Heat, Optics, Waves, and Modern Physics
  • PHYS10 - Introduction to Physics

Transfer Opportunities

The Associate in Science in Physics for Transfer at College of the Redwoods allows students to transfer seamlessly to a bachelor’s degree program at a CSU. Besides a generalized major in physics, some CSU majors include specialized fields such as applied physics, astrophysics and physics education.

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