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Astronomy is the study of all things in the Universe, from asteroids and comets, to planets and moons, to stars and galaxies, to the very farthest reaches of the space and time.  Astronomers endeavor to understand both our own planet and its place in the solar system and the broader cosmos.  We are on the cusp of answering questions like: Are we alone in the Universe? and Are Earth-like planets common or rare?  When studying Astronomy and the connected field of human and robotic space exploration, expect to be inspired and to change your perspective about life, the age and scale of the cosmos, and our place in it!

Degrees and Certificates

Astronomy Courses 

Astro 10 (3 units, General Education, Physical Science non-lab class): Introduction to Astronomy.

An overview of historical approaches to understanding the science of astronomy and our place in the universe.We will explore light and its role in the transmission of information, telescopes, the formation of the solar system, the planets and moons and their potential for life, the sun, the evolutionary life cycle and death of stars, black holes, and the formation of the universe.

Astro 11 (3 Units, General Education, Physical Science non-lab class): The Solar System and Space Exploration

An examination of the geologic processes that have shaped the planets and moons of our solar system. This class will specifically look at the formation of the solar system, the history of space exploration, missions to the moon and Mars, and the search for life.

Astro 30 (2 units, Elective, part of the Science Exploration AA degree): Teaching Science with Science Fiction

A class examining and exploring science through science fiction films.Students will critically examine science fiction movies, distinguishing fact from fiction.Students will also explore the curious phenomenon of how science fiction can become science fact.The class will also examine the underlying message about science and its application to a variety of social, cultural, and economic issues.

Astro 99 (1 unit, Elective): Are UFOs real?

The search for life outside of our solar system is a constant theme of study in Astronomy.If we are not alone, then it stands to reason that some lifeforms may have developed intelligence and interstellar transport. Have we been visited?What UFO stories are the most compelling and deserved of serious scientific inquiry?Critical thinking and the scientific method will be applied to this question.

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