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Public Safety at CR
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  • Eureka Campus
    Reach a security officer on duty 24/7, 365 days a year.
    Push any of the white and blue call boxes on campus or call:
    Emergency : 707.476.4111
    Primary phone: 707.476.4112
  • Del Norte Education Center
    Primary phone: 707.465.2311
    On campus: x2111

Public Safety Office


Security is located in the Old Administration Building, in the lower level facing the library


Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Safety Department at College of the Redwoods is to provide a safe, secure, and healthy college environment for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Public Safety is committed to achieve this mission through a variety of services, emergency preparation, professionalism, and a respect for all persons and property.

Mode of Operation

The Public Safety Department consists of Director Burk McBride, and four full time Public Safety Officers at the Eureka campus including Lead Officer George Kapitan, Officer Rafael Samano, Officer Mark (Radar) Sigsworth, and Officer Demetrius Williams, and Officer Dan Potts at the Del Norte Campus in Crescent City. We are supported with part time Safety Officers and student parking enforcement officers. Public Safety Officers provide safety for persons and property on campus, respond to emergency situations, assist in medical emergencies and other related safety needs, as well as enforce campus parking regulations. Public Safety Officers are not sworn peace officers and are not armed. They enforce all college rules and regulations. They conduct on-foot and vehicular patrols of the campus 24/7, 365 days a year. Local police are called in for any arrest relating to violations of city or state laws. The Public Safety department maintains a close working relationship with local, county, and state police and fire agencies. All Public Safety officers are trained in Red Cross First Aid & CPR (w/ AED) and carry the necessary medical equipment in their vehicles for an emergency. Most are California licensed Emergency Medical Technicians.

Public Safety is responsible to see that all parking regulations are enforced on campus including the issuing of parking permits for all vehicles. We also enforce all parking regulations on campus property including issuing citations.

Student parking enforcement officers receive training in basic campus safety and parking procedures.


  • Serve as an innovative and supportive service provider, sensitive to the safety and health needs of the college community.
  • Patrols throughout the campus to provide public safety functions utilizing a Community Oriented Patrol philosophy.
  • Diligent in ensuring the protection and safety of students, faculty, administration, staff, and visitors while on campus.
  • Promote the protection of personal and college property located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the College.
  • Provide departmental personnel with the knowledge and equipment necessary to perform their functions safely and efficiently.