Prepare for College

Upward Bound's primary goal is to prepare students for college.  With that in mind, we recommend that all students complete the "A-G" college preparatory sequence of classes designed to meet the requirements for admission to a California State University (CSU) or a University of California (UC) campus.  These classes will also help students prepare for admission to private colleges, out of state colleges and even community colleges.  Upward Bound Academic Advisors can help you identify the right classes to take and help you create a 4-year plan for high school.

The University of California has more demanding class requirements. Because of stiff competition, we encourage students who are interested in a UC campus (or a prestigious private university) to complete as many classes as possible beyond the minimum required. We also encourage them to enroll in honors, advanced placement, and regular college courses whenever possible.

For those planning to attend a community college, it is still important to take challenging college preparatory classes while in high school.  Although it is not necessary to complete the A-G requirements for a community college, these classes will help you prepare for college level classes and ensure a speedy transfer to a university.   Why is this so?  Well, community colleges have students take placement tests to determine whether they are ready for college-level classes.  If the scores show that you are not ready for college-level classes, college advisors will recommend that you take “remedial” classes.  These classes are virtually the same as the college prep classes in high school.  So, do the math—work on it now or spend more time (and tuition money) working on it later.

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Last Updated 01.13.2015