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Project Updates

It is our mission to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students and staff at CR in accordance with the College's mission and vision, and in alignment with institutional goals.

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Del Norte Campus LRC Re-roof and Skylight Repair Project


Red Sky Roofing started the roofing project in Del Norte this week. They have completed most of the work over the Light Center. Roofing work is weather dependent but when I talked to them today, they said that the project should be 100% complete by June 7 th!


Physical Education and Field House Building Replacements

The existing buildings were found to have faults directly beneath the buildings.  In order for the College to meet the regulatory guidelines set in the Alquist-Priolo Act of 1972, the State has allocated funding for this new construction to take place in an area of campus that has been approved through geological site studies.  The new PE building will be constructed in what is now the left field area of the existing baseball field and the Field House will be constructed in the stadium in a location near the former location of the grandstands.


  • 80,000+ sq. ft.


Community Stadium Upgrade

Timeline: The project has been reviewed and approved with DSA and is estimated to break ground in late April 2024, with completion expected by September 2024.

Scope of Work: Work consists of, but is not limited to, remodel of an existing Community Stadium with the construction of new Track and Field. Artificial turf with approximately 15’ wider footprint to accommodate a soccer field, which will require replacement of track to expand out approximately 5’ while keeping the existing 8 lanes. Related Path of Travel, installation of slabs and access for future portable stands, storm drain, irrigation & other site development will also be completed. 

Cost: Stadium contract amount is $5,850,000: 

Base bid sum of $5,330,000.00 (See above Scope of Work.), with additional alternates in the amounts of: 

Alternate 1 – Supplemental Pad – $220,000.00, 

Alternate 2 – Chain Link Fencing and Gates – $134,000.00, 

Alternate 3 – Track Surface – $80,000.00, 

Alternate 4 – Ball Control Netting – $18,000.00, and 

Alternate 5 – Off-hauling Soil – $68,000.00.

What’s getting taken down: the current grass field and track are to be removed, the old equipment shed at the southeast of the field will be demolished, and other misc. earthwork to accommodate the installation of the above scope.

Project bid was awarded to Wahlund Construction, Inc.









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