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Del Norte Education Center


What is TRIO? 

TRIO Student Support Services aka TRIO is a program designed to empower students to achieve their personal, career, and education goals and thrive in the college environment.  

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TRIO Scholars

Only 200 students may join. TRIO students have access to specialized support designed to help focus on career planning, financial gain, and academic success. Students in this program are TRIO Scholars and serious about their education goals. 

To be eligible for TRIO, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be a 1st Generation Scholar: neither parent has earned a Bachelor's degree
  • Have financial limitations: meet low-income qualifications
  • Have a documented disability: verified through DSPS   
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TRIO Services

  • Tutoring in Math, Sciences, English, and more
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Grant Aid
  • Extended Availability for Counseling & Advising Support
  • Day Trips to Tour 4-Year Universities
  • Overnight Trips to Tour 4-Year Universities
  • Priority Registration
  • Workshops
  • Meet Ups & EventsIMG_4806636928558021285362
  • Free Printing
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Assessments
  • Canvas Updates
  • Canvas Workshops & Discussions
  • Social Media
  • Texts & Notifications about College Events/Deadlines


TRIO Campus Culture:

Get Involved!


TRIO SSS is committed to helping you successfully complete your academic program in 4 years or less. We take time to listen, we are here, and your academic goals are our goals. 





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